Today is THAT Day – Part II

I wrote the guts of this blog post 2 years ago…today I did a bit of editing.


I felt pretty desperate.


There were no answers.


I was at the end of my rope.


I couldn’t make sense out of anything.


I didn’t trust the doctors.


But what choice did I have?


That was THREE years ago today.

Have you ever arrive somewhere and thought to yourself “How did I make it here”?

Today is that day for me.  If you had asked me THREE years ago what I’d be doing today my answer certainly wouldn’t have been writing a blog let alone being or doing any of the following:


Tom working FULL time.


EnJOYing vacations.


FULLfilling dreams, renovating a home.

I’ve made it a practice on THIS day, December 16th, to take some time to sit and reflect.  To to be actively purposeFULL in finding how far the Lord has brought me over the last year.  If you missed my post back in January about being purposeFULL, you can read it here.  click  After you do, you might argue that I haven’t been very purposeFULL  this year.  What is it they say about the best laid plans?

Did I write twice a month?  Yep, for 1/4 of the year. Does that mean I wasn’t purposeFULL?  That I shouldn’t set goals?  That I failed?  😦  In some people’s eyes, it’s probable.  Certainly through my own eyes, in years past but as I peer back over this year I notice something.  Did I think about my writing goal?  Often, way too often.  Did I stress about it?  No doubt.  Did I feel like I failed myself and my blogging friends?  Sure, at times.  I mean, who sets goals and doesn’t want the victory of the check mark??

Gratefully, on THIS day what I catch sight of is that I’ve learned to extend myself grace.

Ahhh, that feels good (anyone singing James Brown)…dare I say it even presses close to…purposeFULL??  Go figure that wasn’t even on MY list; as usual the Lord had other plans.  GraceFULL, I think I’ll add it to my repertoire of words.

It is good to remember and recall His faithfulness.  It supplies peace, sustains joy and strengthens purpose.  What do you see as you reflect back on your year, THIS day?

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