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profile     My name is Tara, I live in Maryland with my hubby, Tom and our Maltese pup, Oliver.  I like to travel to new places and try the local cuisine.  I love nature, especially water, in any form except ice (I hate cold weather)!  Give me an ocean, lake or river; especially if I have a comfy chair with a cup of coffee to sip or piece of dark chocolate to nibble on.  🙂  I’ll take walk, hike or bike ride over a movie theater any day.

I’m an amateur photographer and aspiring writer, well maybe journaler is a better word (or not, since my spell check doesn’t like it)! 🙂  I have been feeding a growing love for photography over the last few years and as an introvert, I like hiding out behind my camera capturing nature in all its glory.  Creation leaves me awestruck.  The wonders of an unendingly creative God, who chooses to display Himself daily in the world around me, moves me deeply.  There is something about the early morning quietness of a sunrise and the end of day solitude of a sunset that presses deep into my soul.  These moments often inspire me to write about my ongoing journey with Him, which in turn creates a desire in me to search for more of His greatness.

On a recent trip to the beach I came across the following verse:

The whole earth is filled with

awe at your wonders;

where morning dawns,

where evening fades,

you call forth songs of joy.

Psalm 65:8

It puts into words those movements deep within me – “songs of joy” – He calls forth from me.  I’m not sure about you but if something is joyous it’s kind of hard to keep it to yourself, you want to share it!

So, here’s to amateur photography, blogging and hopefully inspiring you to see more of His greatness!

2014-06-16 04.27.11

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tara, that was so beautiful. Keep writing I will keep reading. You are a wonderful person. To share your love for God and life is a true blessing to all. I love you girl.


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