Resolutions; Gorilla Glue or Joy?

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m not sure if you’ve spent any time thinking about what 2016 might hold for you but for the last several years I’ve spent the week between Christmas and New Years pondering what’s next.  I’ve determined I don’t like the word resolution; it sounds entirely to definitive or conclusive to me.  One resolution spoken or written down in my journal turns into IDS- Immediate Dread Syndrome.  It causes partial paralysis of my physical, mental and spiritual capabilities.  Like I somehow just gorilla glued a concrete block to each shoulder and forbid myself to drop either for the next 12 months and gosh darn it – I better be joyful about it!

You may call it a play on words or think I’m just fooling myself but I prefer the word GOALS.  I envision the goal looking somewhat like a target.  I desire to hit the bulls eye but occasionally my aim is just a little off center.  I didn’t really take my eye off the target, I just got a bit distracted.  Sometimes my target it only a few feet away and doesn’t require too much thought or determination from me. Other times it’s so far off in the distance, I have to squint to see it and quite a bit more effort is required to get it into focus.

One of the goals the year I started my blog was to write a post every month.  I fell short and occasionally through out the year I stressed out over it.  However, once the year wrapped up I realized that some months I posted more than once so I had averaged 12 posts.  Now I know no one wants to be “average” but I could choose to focus on the fact that I didn’t hit my target every month (gorilla glue) or I could focus on achieving 12 blog posts (JOY)!

In 2015 I had 1015 visitors from 23 different countries to my blog.  I still can’t believe that – I gotta tell you; I was pretty certain when I closed my eyes and clicked the publish button the first time, NO ONE would be interested in reading my thoughts.  THANK YOU so much for sticking with me as I’ve learned as I go.  You’ve encouraged me and motivated me to keep going…for at least another year.  🙂  And just in case you missed out on them, these were my top 4 posts from last year. Please don’t hesitate to share, I’d love to be able to report having 2000 visitors this year!

Free to Dance

Why Your Prayers Matter

What Can You Do

The Journey

That said, one of my goals for this year is to be purposeful.  One of the ways I want to do this is with my words, whether I’m writing or having a conversation I want my words to have purpose.  In other words; I want them to be full of meaning.  Significant.  I’ve aimed to do this with my previous posts but I hope to be more intentional with it in 2016, so stay tuned for more on being purpose-FULL.

I’d love to hear what some of your goals are for this year.

4 thoughts on “Resolutions; Gorilla Glue or Joy?

  1. I’ve been thinking of New Years resolutions and few come to mind but I want to make sure I will stick with them throughout the year and not just have it as a temporary thing. Not ready to share just yet but have been thinking that I need some.


  2. Resolution schmolution my goal is change I have been asking God for direction to get out from the rock and hard place. My answer the only word I hear in response Change. Change what I’ve prayed my hair ( which I did) my furniture my address; what. Abut 10 days ago he gave me a little more Change being negative change the excuses/reasons. So 2016 is is JOY for positive thinking positive words.


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