Today is THAT day

I felt pretty desperate.


There were no answers.


I was at the end of my rope.


I couldn’t make sense out of anything.


I didn’t trust the doctors.


But what choice did I have?


That was one year ago today.

Have you ever arrive somewhere and thought to yourself “How did I make it here”?

Today is that day for me.

If you had asked me one year ago what I’d be doing today my answer certainly wouldn’t have been writing a blog!  Let alone smiling.  Feeling refreshed.  Having Peace.  Emulating Joy.

Take a moment and reflect back, see how far the Lord has brought you this year.  It is good to recall and remember His faithfulness in your life.

If you’re in the midst of a difficult circumstance, I pray you receive peace and hope that comes from above.  One of my favorite ways to acknowledge the Lord in my time with Him is to use His many names.  May you be encouraged by the certainty that you are not being overlooked by El Roi.

The Strong One Who Sees.


8 thoughts on “Today is THAT day

  1. This is great Tara. We are so blessed by how you and Tom are victoriously living through the power of Jesus Christ. You are an inspiration and Jesus is using you to glorify Himself.


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