How to have an Intentional Christmas

It’s Christmas morning. A quiet moment in today’s holiday hectic-ness…Tom is sleeping in and I’m enjoying coffee (in my “best Lola ever” mug) and the bright sun is shining on me through the window on this crisp December morning.

I’m think of my girls, my lady friends…the women in my life. How loved and special and treasured each of you are to me in your own unique ways. The sentiments of YOU stir in my brain but settle deep into my soul.

My word in 2018 was intentional.

Initially it was a call to make time for my marriage; connecting without distraction. And from that rolled into our finances; sticking to a spending plan, paying of a little debt and rebuilding our savings.

As the year unfolded I started to notice where I had already been intentional; such as, my morning quiet time is always the 1st thing I do each day. Intentional success story.

Side note…if you’ve known (Tom or) me for any length of time you’ve absolutely heard us recommend removing the words “always” and “never” from your vocabulary because they aren’t typically accurate. However, in this case I am giving myself a pass… I am always intentional about my quiet time – my walk with Jesus. If I wasn’t, I’d be a daily mess. Controlling, beyond bossy and possibly… persnickety. And now many of you are thinking “WOW, she’s less of these things??” 😘

Moving on: I also recognized where I desired to apply intentionality to other areas of my life; better eating habits and more consistent exercise. This eventually became an intentional success story…a bit later in the year.

Intentionality: something done with intention or on purpose.

I am gifting all the ladies in my life, that’s YOU, this Christmas morning some “on purpose” words:

YOU are loved by me.

I respect YOU and your JOurneY; the hardships you’ve intentionally pressed through, the goals you’ve intentionally met and your “on purpose” victories – small daily ones count!!

I want to remind you that YOU are a daughter, a mom, a wife and a friend that has so much to offer…be purposeFULL in sharing yourself with others.

YOU are enough, do you hear that. ENOUGH. Intentionally receive that today.

And YOU are valuable!

Valuable, not just to me, but to Jesus. He left heaven, this day, to come bring YOU purpose – don’t miss His intentional gift.

I plan to carry intentionality into 2019 by saying “on purpose” things to my girls, being intentional about friendships and reminding YOU what a gift you are.

Merry Christmas!